Post-Menopausal Womens Weight Loss
by Lynn VanDyke

When it comes to weight loss for post menopausal women, there are a few obstacles in the way...

Not only is weight loss at this time a bit more difficult, but it can also be hindered by medical problems that have arisen from the extra weight. It's not impossible, however, to lose the weight that you want. You will help increase your energy levels in addition to decreasing the risk of many deadly diseases. Want to know how to approach weight loss for post menopausal women? Here's what you need to know.

If you're looking for motivation for weight loss for post menopausal women, you will want to realize there are many health reasons for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. For one, when you weight more than is healthy, your body can store more estrogen in the body, which can increase the risk of breast cancer, according to recent studies. Those that carry extra weight are also at risk for developing adult onset diabetes as well as heart disease. Don't just try a weight loss program for your clothing size; do it for your health too.

The key to weight loss for post menopausal women is that it needs to be more intense. With each decade of age past thirty, your metabolism naturally slows down, causing weight loss to be more difficult. But you can overcome this by increasing the exercise that you include in your plan as well as monitoring your diet more carefully. In terms of exercise, you will want to increase the cardiovascular activity that you are doing - walking, jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, etc.

Try to do at least forty-five minutes a day of exercise. This can also be broken up into three fifteen minutes sessions - it all adds up.

Strength training is another factor in promoting weight loss for post menopausal women. By building your muscle strength, you'll not only have more energy, but you'll also increase your metabolism. The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will need. Try to fit in some form of resistance training every other day, even if it's just a few crunches and some knee bent pushups. These small exercises will use your body weight to stress the muscles and make them stronger.

And weight loss for post menopausal women also needs to include a diet with fewer sugary foods, more lean cuts of meats and more produce. When you simply watch the food choices you are making and only eat when you're truly hungry, you can lose weight without having to count a calorie. These changes are going to help you look as great as you feel - and keep you around much longer too.

About the author: Lynn VanDyke is an elite fitness trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist and sports nutritionist dedicated to helping you achieve your fat loss goals.