Natural Weight Loss Formula For Women
by Lynn VanDyke

If you've ever looked for a natural weight loss formula, you're in good company...

Nearly everyone has been lured in by the promises of easy weight loss from just taking a pill. But the truth is that those natural weight loss formula advertisements aren't giving you the whole picture.

Why supplements can be dangerous? Because most of us are blinded by the fact that the natural weight loss formula 'could' work, we forget to look at the ingredients or do any research to see if it will work. Most supplements aren't monitored by the FDA, so there's no guarantee that the product contains the ingredients it says it contains in the doses it says are included.

This means that you might be taking a supplement that contains untested and dangerous chemicals, at worst. And at best, you might just be taking a sugar pill that isn't going to help.

Too often, these untested ingredients in natural weight loss formula supplements are time bombs that end up hurting people before they are taken off the market - like ephedra.

Possible Helpers for Fat Loss

But that doesn't mean that your natural weight loss formula hopes should be completely dashed. There are some supplements that seem to help with weight loss, when used correctly.

  • Caffeine - When used in moderate doses, this can effectively halt the appetite and give you more energy. Too much can give you heart palpitations, so you want to be careful if you are already sensitive.

  • Co-Q 10 - There are some studies that are linking this supplement to fat loss and increased metabolism, but also to improving your heart health.

  • Chromium - Some studies have indicated that chromium can help you keep your sugar levels stable, which can keep you from having hunger swings.

  • Calcium - There are some researchers that believe calcium helps to boost fat burning in the body.

Of course, taking pills is still not going to help you slip into a smaller pair of jeans, but they can help you keep your body healthy along the way. And these pills may help you manage your appetite.

What Always Works - Without Side Effects

In the end, the perfect natural weight loss formula is a combination of diet and exercise. No matter what the advertisers say, fat loss is hard work and you simply need to create a calorie deficit each day to lose fat.

About the author: Lynn VanDyke is an elite fitness trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist and sports nutritionist dedicated to helping you achieve your fat loss goals.