New Year Holiday Weight Loss Tips How to Shed those Unwanted Extra Pounds
by Chris Read

The holiday season comes every year... A time to forget your sorrows and rejoice with family and friends.

Unfortunately, we may do a little bit too much celebrating and add some unwanted extra weight by the time the New Year arrives. We unknowingly may indulge in extra helpings and too many seasonal treats during celebrations.

Even if we already had a daily workout plan, we hardly pay attention to it during the holidays. All this overindulging contributes to an increase in dieters beginning the New Year.

Let us resolve this holiday season to buck the trends and avoid the Seasonal 7 — the average weight gain most of us will experience between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

You don't have to participate in this seasonal weight gain trend... Forget about additional stresses and challenges this year may bring. There are ways to find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It may be hard, at times, to forego the insatiable urge to devour the season's traditional foods. But, don't forget that there are many ways to enjoy the fun without increasing your pant size.

And you don't have to starve yourself on a crash course diet either. You can enjoy the festivities and maintain your weight as well. Moderation is the word of the season. It's the secret to achieving a fun, but, healthy holiday time. This will help you avoid packing on those extra pounds and let you partake in all the fun this time of year.

So start this holiday season on a determined note... And when the New Year arrives, you won't have all those extra pounds to lose in January.

Here are some weight control tips to help you get though the holiday season:

  1. Plan ahead. Create a plan for incorporating fitness and good nutrition ahead of holidays sneak peek. Define you daily routine. Evaluate your vacation period and try to come out with realistic time line you can devote on working out daily.

  2. In your work environment, simply reject the gracious treats offered to you by your coworkers. Stick to your healthy snacks prepared at your home. Eat moderately and don't guzzle on others snacks tempting you from nearing desk.

  3. Never wait until the New Year to set your fitness goals. Keep finding time and dedicate few hours on exercise as often during this time period as well. Adjust you other schedules appropriately. There can be lots of excuses for procrastinating your workout time. But it will ultimately harm you as you will be left in nowhere finding the right time to begin your daily exercise. Remember, tomorrow never comes! Utilize even few hours of your daily hectic schedule to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  4. Make a scheduler for your daily workouts. Always use a daily calendar or other inventory to set-aside time to complete them. Keep on regular update on your fitness calendar. Never skip a single day's workout. Stick to the timetable just like any other important business appointment.

  5. At holiday dinners, skip the gravy, dressings, and high-calorie condiments.

  6. There can be days when you may feel real lack of motivation. There can be time when you seriously find it hard to devote even 15 minute for daily workout. Even on these instances, do just 10 minutes of exercise. Try not to break this habit and go full throttle religiously.

  7. Health clubs can be good to follow a strict discipline and regular exercise. But at they same time, you end up coughing lots of money. If feasible, try to exercise at home. You'll find yourself more committed and inclined at to do workouts at your own pace and confidence. At the same time, you will be saving time on driving, parking, the locker room or waiting to use equipment.

  8. Drink less alcoholic beverages. The average alcoholic drink contains 150-200 calories per glass. Even if you indulge in these, try mixing half try mixing half a glass of wine with sparkling water or with a diet soda. This will help cut your calories in half.

  9. During socializing, focus on sharing time with your friends and relatives, other than sharing desserts and hot chocolates. During get-togethers spend the majority of time talking and discussing events and interesting topics with your dear ones.

The above tips will come in handy when you're on any path to weight loss.

Always find a balance between staying fit, and enjoying the fun of the season. Last, but not the least, never forget that moderation is the key to long-term weight loss. Enjoy a great holiday season and the New Year ahead!

About the author: Chris Read, is an associate and contributing author at you can visit for more information on obesity, weight loss methods, exercise and fitness related issues.