Does Quick Weight Loss Cause Premature Death?
by Gelfey Sterling

Weight loss is certainly the talk of most every teenager and adult... So it's hardly a surprise, there are so many weight loss products, diet supplements, weight loss pills and drugs available in the market to help you shed those extra pounds.

But does quick weight loss result in an early death?

The answer is yes and no... It depends on your overall approach to weight loss. People who cherish the idea of looking good, adopt immediate measures, which may be very harmful to their body. The result... Adverse health issues may arise in later life that leads to premature death.

A 30-year long study undertaken by the Institute of Preventive Medicine at Copenhagen University shows the same results. Out of the 2957 obese people studied, 268 of them died in 18 years. Quick weight loss methods can be very dangerous to your body. Stay away from plans and programs that offer immediate solutions. It's unwise to follow heavy diet plans for a long time.

Rather, stick to short-term weight loss plans. It's safer for your long-term health.

A word of caution to the younger generation; who may recklessly try to lose their excess fat. There are alternative diet and exercise routines you can follow to lose weight:

  • Exercise regularly. There is no more superior way to good health than workouts.
  • Choose your diet wisely. More salads and fruits coupled with cereals and beans is healthy.
  • Eat during regular intervals.
  • Don't snack on oily food. Try low fat sandwiches for a change.

Before you make any important decisions regarding your health, think about all the pros and cons of trying to lose weight too quick. You need to decide if it's really worth it if you risk your health.

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