Eating Dietary Fiber: The Ultimate Weight Loss Connection?
by Rajesh Shetty

The incidences of diseases like obesity, diabetes, colon diseases are minimal in countries where the population has a regular dose of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is a very important link in the weight loss puzzle.

Dietary fiber cannot be digested by the human digestive system, and as it passes though the colon, it takes with it, all the accumulated metabolic waste material.

Dietary fiber provides bulk and softens the stools, which helps with regular bowel movements and avoiding constipation. In the intestine, dietary fiber produces a gel which binds the bile acids. This causes the liver to convert cholesterol into bile, thereby reducing cholesterol levels.

Dietary fiber makes people feel less hungry; because of its bulking properties, it reduces appetite which can result in weight loss. It also helps in controlling the body's blood sugar levels.

Ayurveda Medical Science recommends the consumption of dietary fiber rich vegetables in large quantities, to get rid of all the toxins in your body. Removal of these toxins, automatically ensures removal of excess fat from your body.

There are 2 types of dietary fiber found in food:

  • Insoluble Fiber: Insoluble dietary fiber doesn't dissolve in water. This fiber increases the bulk of the food you eat, and helps decrease the transit time of waste materials through the colon. This helps avoid a build up of toxins and thereby diseases the likelihood colon cancer development.

  • Soluble Fiber: This type of dietary fiber forms a gel in the intestine and helps in reducing cholesterol. Your body needs a regular dosage of 30-40gms of fiber to keep in good health and lose those excess pounds.

Consuming the following foods will also keep you in great health...

High fiber foods: Oat bran, Corn Bran, rice bran, wheat bran.

Medium fiber foods: Whole grains, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour, oatmeal-rolled oats, steel cut oats, wheat-oat flour, corn meal, brown rice.

Low fiber foods to be avoided: Refined foods like white flour (bleached or unbleached), pasta, cream of wheat, oat flour, corn starch, white rice.

One other important aspect about consuming dietary fiber, to enhance weight loss, is to drink lots of pure water... Water makes the dietary fiber swell and work better.

Increase your consumption of dietary fiber very gradually to avoid digestive discomfort.

About the author: Rajesh Shetty is an expert in the weight loss principles of Ayurveda Medical Science and author of the best selling book, "Proven weight loss secrets revealed."