Can Losing the Excess Weight Improve Your Sex Life?
by Eva Moffat

If you are overweight or obese, it's very possible you feel your sex life has gone forever...

Your libido or sex drive, as it is more commonly known, has diminished, maybe so much so that you have no interest in sex anymore.

Being overweight can make you feel unattractive. You may compensate for this by telling yourself you don't care.

Making excuses (e.g. I'm too old for such things.) It never seems to occur to us, that if we lose some weight, we could become the sexpots we were when we were younger.

I'm not saying lack of sexual desire is caused only be being overweight. There are other possible reasons.

Other possible causes of a low libido may be:

  • Diabetes
  • Medication for high blood pressure
  • Women in their childbearing years; despite the sophisticated contraception available now, a woman may fear becoming pregnant again.
  • Older people have the mistaken idea that sex is for the youngsters, and now they have reached a certain mature age, they consider themselves past it.
  • Men may have prostrate or urinary tract problems effecting sexual performance.
  • Being depressed or under constant stress, etc.

If you have lost interest in sex, could one of the reasons above be causing your problem?

If not, think about asking a general practitioner about your problem. He/she may refer you to a sex therapist, who can help you discover other reasons contributing to your lack of interest in sex.

There is no need to be embarrassed... This is a problem, much more common than you might think. Do you think it's only you? Do you believe all your friends have perfectly normal sex lives? Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

If you are overweight, what would be the advantages of losing weight? Obviously, you'd look and feel better... You might well save your own life, because of the various health conditions brought on by being overweight: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Strokes, etc.

Losing weight has lots of health benefits... And who knows, you might even get your sex drive back again. No matter how old your are!

About the author: Eva Moffat is an ex-nurse and weight loss specialist who optimizes her own health through nutritional supplements.