Attitude and Daily Motivation for Successful Weight Loss
by Isabelle Berard

Why do you want to lose weight?

Is it to have less fat on your body? Or is it because of the well being you think you will feel without your extra pounds?

Do you think that you will acquire more vitality, be more seducing, which will boost your confidence and self-esteem? Almost everything we do, aims to modify the way we feel.

We really determine our future the moment we take a firm decision. For me, everything changed, the day that I've decided to lose weight — that I was engaging myself — to become and obtain what I would like in life. Think about it...

There is a difference between just being interested in doing something and engaging yourself towards it. It's about your attitude! Often, people say, "Oh! I would like to lose some weight."

But these kinds of declarations, are not true engagement.

We are simply announcing one of our preferences, such as, "It interests me, as long as I don't have to lift a finger." This is not power. Unfortunately, too many people don't take action, because they're too busy inventing excuses for their own inaction. If they don't reach their goal, or don't live their dream life, they blame the way they were raised, the absence of choices they had when they were young, lack of instruction, or they're just too old to change.

All these excuses are insignificant! They are not only restrictive, but also destructive.

If you don't fix yourself, some basic rules that you are ready to accept in your life, you'll see that it is very easy to slip into unhealthy behavior, or attitude.

But, if you take the firm decision to lose weight, you can do it. Your life will change the moment you take a firm decision.

Decide today, that you are more than what you've been so far. Decide once and for all to harmonize your life saying, "This is who I am. Here is my life and here is what I do. Nothing will prevent me to accomplish my destiny."

To take a real decision, is to engage yourself to obtain a precise result and to refuse any other possibility. Understand that what is most difficult, when we want to accomplish something, is to take a firm engagement, a real decision.

The tough part with exercise is getting out there and doing it.

  • Exercise has to become one of your priorities.
  • You have to make time for it.
  • You have to find a passion.
  • If you don't like what you're doing, you won't do it.
  • Set a goal.
  • Try to improve your times or lift more weight.
  • Put on more muscle through resistance training.
  • Lean muscle burns more calories around the clock.

Change the way you do things... These tips will help you stay motivated!

  1. Train for an event, or pretend you are.
  2. Split your routine up so you work your upper body and lower body on different days.
  3. Hit the hills, you'll burn almost 25% more calories.
  4. Try a different exercise for every muscle group.
  5. Hire a personal trainer.
  6. Change the number of sets you are doing, every 2 to 4 weeks, increasing the weight as you decrease the repetitions.
  7. Use a heart rate monitor and gauge you progress.
  8. Add intervals to your cardio... Alternate 2 minutes of high intensity exercise with 1 minute of lower intensity.
  9. Use heavier weights.
  10. You need to get to the point where you can not do another repetition.
  11. Try a new routine. Have someone help you in the gym. Join a team.
  12. Count to 10 when you lift the weight, and to 5 when you lower it again.
  13. It can increase your strength by almost 50%.
  14. Try Yoga or Pilates.

These disciplines force you to move your body in a different way, which also build stronger abdominals and back muscle. Exercise should be a part of your life, like eating, drinking and breathing. You should aim to make your daily exercise routine a normal daily occurrence.

Here's 5 ways to fight training and exercise plateaus:

  1. Vary your weights.
  2. Change the order of your exercises.
  3. Vary the angles of your lunges.
  4. Add cardio to your weight workouts.
  5. Instead of a circuit, do a series of supersets.

Perform each move back-to-back, with a move that emphasizes the same muscles.

About the author: Ten years ago, Isabelle Berard lost 52 pounds in 5 months. Now she helps others lose weight and achieve lifetime fitness. You can find information and resources on beauty, fitness, weight loss programs, healthy eating habits, exercise and how to stay motivated at: