Are Weight Loss Supplements Right For You?
by Tom Worsley

The debate about whether supplements for weight loss are healthy or not, will go on and on, for years to come.

There are good and bad points to using weight loss supplements. One of the bad points is — once you stop taking them — you could gain everything back that you lost.

Most doctors will tell you, that weight loss supplements are not necessary, and that a good controlled diet, along with daily exercise, is the only way to lose weight. This is could be true... However, in today's society with 2 parents working and trying to raise children at the same time, who has time for exercise?

Who has time to plan good nutritional meals? I know first hand what this is all about.

My wife is probably around 60 pounds over weight.

Now before we go any further, I would just like to say that I love her just as much now, as I did when we first met. Her weight does not bother me. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. But I know inside she is hurting...

For the last several years she has struggled with her weight almost daily.

And the biggest problem, as I mentioned above, is time. Time to prepare good quality nutritious meals, both for her self and the children. Time to do sufficient exercise in order to burn off calories. Our schedule is chaotic to say the least.

She works from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM. I work from 3:30 PM till 12:00 AM . When I'm not with the kids, she is with the kids. Only on weekends, do the kids have both parents home at the same time.

Back to supplements...

First, they will not work, if you do not get the proper diet and at least exercise once per week. My wife has tried supplements and they did work for her. What supplements do is to help speed up your metabolism rate, decreasing the need for daily exercise.

They also supplement the nutrition needed, that you may not be getting from your diet for proper weight loss. Weight loss supplements actually regulate your blood sugar level, this helps you overcome severe sugar and carbohydrate cravings that sabotage even the most strong-willed weight loss efforts.

So are weight loss nutrition supplements right for you?

When my wife lost 40 pounds using supplements, she felt great. She was happy and gained back a lot of self esteem. Not to mention, she had a lot more energy.

If you have a hectic schedule, can't find enough time in the day to prepare nutritious meals, and get regular daily exercise... Then I suggest you give supplements a try.

My opinion is, if they help you to lose weight and make you feel good about yourself, then go for it. What do you have to lose, except a few pounds. There are hundreds of products on the internet you can try. A couple of my wife's favorites can be found on the following Web pages.

You can also find good information on dieting and weight loss at this site along with a very handy calorie calculator.

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