The ByPass Report:
Are you eating your way to a heart attack?

Guess what almost one million Americans got last year... that they didn't want? A Heart Attack!

No one wants to die young, but when you look at the way most American's eat every day, you have to wonder whether that's exactly what they're trying to do. While millions of people in the world die each year of starvation...

Americans are literally eating their way to a premature death! Too much of the wrong types of food, and foods with little or no nutritional value. It seems we're just too busy to care about our health... until of course we lose it!

But then, regaining our health can be difficult — even impossible — especially, if the first sign of a serious health problem is massive cardiac arrest !

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States.

One-half of all deaths are attributable to coronary artery disease. According to the American Heart Association — every 33 seconds one American will die from cardiovascular disease — more than 2600 people a day... Every single day of the year!

Nearly 1 million Americans died of cardiovascular disease in 1988... Each year close to 300,000 By-pass surgeries and 250,000 Angioplasty surgeries are performed in the United States. In a 1993 cost comparison study for the Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, it was estimated that in 1991... $10 billion was spent on By-pass surgeries in the United States alone!

Many of these surgeries may unnecessary and entirely avoidable... And nearly 20,000 deaths occur each year, as a result of these life-saving surgical procedures!

Okay, so that's bad news for all those other people.

But, that's not you . . . Right?

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You barely or never have time to eat breakfast in the morning.
  2. You regularly substitute fast-food cooking, for real home-cooked meals.
  3. When you get home from work... You're mentally and physically exhausted.
  4. You don't have the energy to do anything and almost never get any exercise.

The daily diet of most Americans is high-fat — high-sugar, with little or no nutritional value!

  • Are you under a lot of stress at home or at work?

  • Are you constantly pressured at home, with the kids and daily bills?

  • Do you exercise regularly, or does the thought of physical activity wear you out?

  • Are you always on the go?

In this fast-paced society we get busy -- we stay busy -- and all too often we are neglecting our own health care. After all — you can always take care of yourself tomorrow — Right?

It's no wonder, almost half of us die from heart disease... Look at our lifestyle!

No time for breakfast or lunch -- only fast-food or a quick snack -- not enough sleep, and very little or no physical activity. Is this starting to sound a little too familiar?

Is someone you know on a fast-track to a Heart Attack?

Forty or fifty years ago, heart attacks were very uncommon. And relatively few people ever had a heart attack before sixty years of age. But today, we hear about people in their early and mid-thirties having heart attacks.

It's our lifestyle and diet that's killing us!

But there is a solution! There are simple steps you can take to avoid a heart attack in your future... avoid emergency rooms, angioplasty, heart by-pass surgery... avoid the suffering and possible premature death due to clogged arteries.

Now is the time to avert a medical crisis in your future... Take preventative action by learning all the benefits of using a natural heart nutrition supplement.