Sickness Begins in a Toxic Colon
by Angela A. Lansford

I know talking about your bowel function; constipation, diarrhea and diseases caused by neglecting the health of your colon is certainly not a pleasant subject...

But, it just might be worth investigating, if you can learn how to improve your health, or better yet, avoid serious health problems that develop from having a toxic colon.

And the good news is, there are some really excellent and simple ways you can protect yourself.

The first step is learning about the benefits of colon cleansing and how keeping your elimination system strong, and in optimal working order, is vital to living a long, healthy life.

Let's be honest, no one who eats a "modern" diet can escape the formation of mucoid and metabolic waste deposits on the inner walls of their colon. For instance, consumption of white bread which contains very little or no fiber, has large amounts of gluten which is a sticky wheat protein... and forms a pasty glue inside our intestines.

Our digestive systems were never designed to handle this type of food, not to mention all the fats, sugar, and preservatives commonly found within most every product on our grocery store shelves.

Obviously, we aren't going to stop eating. But even if you're careful with your diet, watching what you eat all the time; it's almost inevitably that our digestive tracts, and particularly your colon, can become compromised. Over time your colon can become partially blocked, terribly distorted, or dysfunctional through years of poor eating habits, stress, alcohol or drug use.

The end result can be dehydration causing chronic constipation, or alternating bouts of diarrhea and poor general health.

In fact, many people who are not particularly over weight or obese, may be carrying around 10 to 25 pounds of dried fecal matter in their colons! Overweight, over stressed, or people with severe allergies could easily have even more than that! Children are not exempt either, and poor eating habits may lead to a lifetime of digestive disorders, if ignored.

Accumulated waste built up in your colon can lead to colon toxicity which is responsible for many body imbalances, and could be the underlying cause of many of the weight and health problems we see people struggling with every day.

The first step to a truly successful weight loss program, may involve cleansing your colon and a visit to your local colon hydrotherapist.

Maintaining a healthy colon is vital to helping you maintain a healthy body, and essential to regaining optimum health. If you want to prevent colon toxicity, chronic disease and premature aging, cleansing your colon is essential.

Doesn't this just make common sense?

If you are carrying around toxic metabolic waste in your colon day after day, for weeks or even months at a time, how can you possibly maintain a healthy body? This unwanted build-up adheres to the walls of your colon and can interfere with natural peristalsis — the wave-like muscle contractions which move waste deposits along the approximate 5 feet of your colon — and ultimate elimination.

This colon dysfunction, along with inadequate daily water consumption, can be a primary contributor to chronic constipation.

When large amounts of the colon's surface become coated with impermeable dried fecal matter and lumps of mucous, 7 things can happen:

  1. Delays in expelling fecal matter increase the amount of toxins absorbed into your body.

  2. The absorption of nutrients that your body needs is severely restricted.

  3. Water within the colon, that would normally be filtered back into the bloodstream, cannot be reabsorbed which leads to dehydration and autointoxication.

  4. You may experience low energy levels, general muscle weakness, daily fatigue at work, and restless sleeping habits at night.

  5. This toxic environment is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and parasites.

  6. Chronic problems with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

  7. Unexplained weight gains, and an inability to control or lose the excess weight, even though you eat a moderate, balanced diet.

Left untreated, a toxic colon can prevent you from metabolizing food, fat and absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat. Eventually your body and your health deteriorates, leading to disease and in extreme causes, death.

But this is entirely preventable. Colon cleansing is the best defense against colon toxicity developing, as well as maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Don't let an unhealthy colon become a breeding ground for toxic poisons, parasites, disease and death. Cleanse your colon today using a natural colon cleanser and visit a colon hydrotherapist if one is available in your area.

Diarrhea is just as strong an indicator of
colon toxicity as is constipation!

Do you have any of the symptoms described in this Special Health Alert?

If you do, you should seriously consider starting an intestinal cleansing regimen. Using an all natural colon cleanse can help remove accumulated mucous and hardened waste matter, and also help to reverse the toxic cycle in the colon.

Using an all natural colon cleanse with cleansing herbs and fibers is easy too!

Please don't ignore the warning signs of a serious body imbalance. Give yourself a fresh new life of fitness and vitality today. And remember...

Your life depends on maintaining proper colon health!

If you or anyone you know are suffering any of the health problems mentioned above — including under or overweight challenges — you may be well advised to contact a Colon Hydrotherapist in your area.

Frequently we are asked, “Do you use an intestinal cleanser to prepare for colon therapy... to relieve constipation... or to maintain good colon health and hygiene?"

The answer is definitely... Yes!

We've tried many different intestinal cleansers over the years and their effectiveness varies greatly. All are dependent on your preexisting colon health, and the amount of water you consume on a daily basis.

The use of an intestinal cleanser may NOT be appropriate for those who have particularly sensitive, or diseased colons... But, for the vast majority, there are exceptionally good reasons to use an all natural colon intestinal cleanser!

If you'd like more information on some excellent colon cleansers that have been most beneficial to the majority of our clientele click here!