Colon Hydrotherapy and its Clinical Applications: Introduction
to colonics and colon hydrotherapy for cleansing
the lower gastrointestinal tract
by Donald J. Mantell, M.D.
Professional Member AANC

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In our medical clinic we find colon irrigations are one of the most important treatment modalities available for a multitude of health problems. Many health authorities feel that disease begins in the colon.

To be in optimum health the colon must be functioning normally... I believe that the colon is one of the most neglected areas by the medical establishment.

One of the major indications for colon hydrotherapy is constipation... Before discussing the effects of constipation, I will first give a description of how a colon irrigation is carried out — some technical aspects about the colon irrigation machine — and what some of the benefits would be from such a treatment.

The usual colon hydrotherapy lasts approximately 45 minutes. A small speculum is inserted into the patient's rectum. This speculum is then attached to a plastic hose which connects to the colon irrigation machine. The colon hydrotherapist then adjusts the volume and temperature of the water coming out of the machine which runs through a plastic hose into the patient's rectum and through the entire colon.

The patient is temporarily filled with a certain volume of water to individual tolerance. This will induce peristaltic contractions in the colon, and the patient will begin to expel fecal matter through a special hose which leads back to the colon irrigation machine and through a clear plastic viewing tube.

It is quite interesting to see what is expelled during a normal colon hydrotherapy treatment...

One may see mucous, parasites and very old feculent material (noted by its dark black color) pass through this tube. This old feculent material may have been lying in the patient's colon for years. It looks like vulcanized rubber and has that kind of consistency. In addition, the patient may experience sensations of warmth due to the presence of toxins in the feculent matter.

While the patient is receiving the colon treatment, the colon hydrotherapist lightly massages various parts of the abdomen to help loosen and dislodge areas of fecal impaction. It is very important that the colon therapist use proper amounts of water. If the therapist uses too much water, the treatment may be uncomfortable or painful and may lead to negative results.

If this therapy is conducted properly, it should not be painful or uncomfortable. In addition, when less, rather than more water is used, the patient's colon is forced to do more work, which is an important first step in restoring normal peristaltic activity to the diseased colon.

It should be noted that most patients need a series of colonic irrigations... Not just one.

The patient may expel considerable gas during the first few treatments. It usually takes a few treatments before one starts dislodging old encrusted feculent matter. One should remember that it usually takes years for the colon to become clogged up with its own waste products.

Therefore, one should not be impatient when pursuing a therapeutic course of colonic irrigations.

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