Learning Thru Experience
Colon Hydrotherapy: A Story of Healing
by Kristina M Amelong, CNC, CT

I believe that by telling my story, I may be able to help people think for themselves, and decide whether or not using the tools of nutrition and colon hydrotherapy would be beneficial for them.

I believe that experience is the central factor that shapes a human life... This has certainly been true for me and is why I am a colon therapist. What follows are the experiences that have led me to believe that colon therapy can be a valuable tool for anyone in the modern world who wants vital health and longevity.

In the spring of 1995, I started to get sinus infections all of the time. I thought nothing of it. I took a lot of echinacea and eventually they would go away. In general, I thought my health was fine. I ate what I wanted. My diet ranged from early morning coffee, to rice and vegetables, to late night pizza and Diet Coke. I found myself irritable on a regular basis, but I thought that I just had more emotional work to do. I took for normal the graying hair, groggy mornings and on and off again backaches.

Cleansing my body was not in the picture!

In the late summer of 1996, I started to feel "sick all over". I was nauseous, I didn't feel like eating, and I was very irritable. For a couple of months, I attributed it to stress and too much coffee (even though I only drank one double espresso per day). I was pretty miserable. It took 4 months from that time to realize that I had parasites.

I tried various medical remedies along with numerous herbal remedies. I would get better and then worse. I developed chemical and environmental sensitivities and food allergies. I had lots of intestinal discomfort, bladder infections, muscle pain, and low energy. I tried lots of things but nothing maintained my health. I spent a lot of time crying (which definitely helped). A year and a half later, a friend said to me, "You have candida". Indeed I did. This was the turning point for me.

I started reading about how to overcome this deadly illness. I learned about food combining, how food affects the body, and colon therapy. That was a little less than one year ago. As I write this, Thanksgiving Day of 1998, I am for the most part, asymptomatic. I still take exquisite care of myself, and I plan to my whole life. I am thankful. I have been given the chance to face very hard things: giving up all the comfort food, facing the feeling that life isn't worth living without that coffee, and deciding that what makes life worth living is my relationships to humans and not to food. I have decided to live a vibrant life into my 100's.

I love my job as a colon therapist.

When I first had colon hydrotherapy, I was very skeptical. The results I saw were not spectacular. I found myself to be full of wild emotions that I did not enjoy. I stopped doing colon therapy for a couple of months until I was confident that the person who was telling me to use the therapy knew what she was talking about. She did. I continued to get better, so I resumed my treatments.

The results have been so incredible that I decided to sell the business that I owned and start my own practice as a colon therapist.

So here's where I get real personal. By putting water into my colon, I have had more things come out of me than I would have ever believed had I not seen it all with my own eyes. I am tall and thin. My belly doesn't stick out. By the way, if your belly does stick out, I would risk saying that it's full of old fecal matter. I have seen numerous sorts of parasites, including beef worms and liver flukes. I have seen 12 inch long globs of black tar. I have seen tennis ball size sacs of mucus filled with eggs. I have seen gallons of old, black, fecal matter. You have to remember that I live in the United States. I have lived a very average life. I am not suppose to have these things hanging around in my body.

Consider the following: The bowel should move 2-4 times per day. Once on the toilet, elimination should be easy and take no more than 10-20 seconds. The healthy stool will be long, large in diameter, light brown in color, without offensive odor, and should float or sink very slowly. When the toilet is flushed, the stool will break apart immediately. This all may sound unlikely, but it is true.

In the United States an estimated 70 million people suffer from bowel problems, from which 100,000 a year will lose their lives. Laxative sales have reached an estimated $400-600 million. (Collings, Principles, x) Rumor has it that laxatives are the number 2 shoplifted item, second only to condoms, at Walgreen's.

The American Cancer Society tells us that, "Colon-rectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer. There will be 129,400 new cases of the cancer this year with 56,600 people dying of colon-rectal cancers." Millions of us suffer from bowel problems, not to mention many of the other chronic health struggles like back problems, low energy, PMS, allergies, headaches and emotional instability that seem to have a connection to the colon.

Since setting up my practice in Madison, Wisconsin, it has become clear to me that many people are silently struggling with low level health problems. A properly functioning elimination system is key for optimal health. For the most part, our bodies cannot work quickly enough just to eliminate the toxins that we are taking in, let alone handle day to day maintenance. This overload of toxins causes the body to slow down, aggravating the problem. For most of us, this has been going on since we were conceived.

A very important point to emphasize here is that, of course we struggle with our bodies and, of course some of us are sick with seemingly no relief in site. The human body is being assaulted with toxins from every possible angle: poor food combining, drugs and alcohol, stress and environmental pollution. Without even looking at the first three factors, let's consider the impact of the fourth: environmental pollution.

In September of 1991, the EPA published a report entitled Toxics in the Community: The 989 Toxices Release Inventory (TRI) National Report which yielded some staggering figures. The largest toxic releases involved twenty-five chemicals, and totaled 5,705,670,380 pounds.

Of this 5.7 billion pounds, 42.5 percent went into the air, 3.3 percent were released into surface water, 7.8 percent were on land, 20.7 percent flowed into underground water, 9.6 percent joined with public sewage, and 16 percent were off-site (brought to other places such as surface impoundments). (Berry, Internal Cleansing, 94) That is enough to fill a line of semi-trailers parked bumper to bumper, and having a cargo capacity of 45,000 pounds each, stretching from downtown Los Angeles to Des Moines, Iowa. How do we expect our bodies to be able to eliminate all of these pollutants?

The human body is designed to be healthy.

Health is our most valuable asset. I want for my clients and for all people to take charge of their health. It is my belief that humans can fully enjoy their lives and live well past their 90's with fully functioning bodies. We will have to work for this. We will have to make it a priority. I found out the hard way. I am completely pleased that I was forced into taking my health on as a project.

I am worth it... So are you!

Kristina M. Amelong, CNC, CT
Optimal Health Network

[Editor's Note: This article was first published in a local Madison, Wisconsin magazine called New Avenues. Kristina Amelong is a member of The Colon Therapists Network and hopes her story of personal discovery will help others.]

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