Colon Hydrotherapy: A Forgotten Art
Questions, answers and indications for using Colon Hydrotherapy
by Tony Centracchio, P.A.

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The indications for colon hydrotherapy as determined by the physician include:

acute fecal impaction constipation or bloating
colitus diarrhea
parasitic infections atonic colon
mucus colitis fever therapy
hyper/hypothermia para/quadriplegic bowel training
flatulence hemorrhoids (mild)
intestinal toxemia nutrient supplementation
diverticulosis detox alcohol/drug units
preparation for Barium x-ray colonoscopy or surgery

Other indications, which require direct supervision by physician, are Diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, on site preparation following trauma, and up to 4 months of pregnancy.

The contraindications for colon hydrotherapy include:

Severe cardiac disease, (uncontrolled HTN or CHF), aneurysm, severe anemia, GI hemorrhage or perforation, severe hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, carcinoma of the colon, fissures fistulas, advanced pregnancy, abdominal hernia, recent colon surgery or renal insufficiency.

Common Concerns about Colon Hydrotherapy:
Laxatives vs. Colon Hydrotherapy

Laxatives act as chemical irritants and stimulate the muscular walls of the colon to abnormally contract to expel the irritating substances. It is very easy to become dependent upon these drugs.

The oral route of administration is the least optimal method of evacuation of the large intestine. Very important digestive processes occurring higher up in the alimentary tract (stomach and small intestine) are interfered with. Most laxatives and other cathartics precipitate dehydration in the patient.

Colon hydrotherapy alternately fills and empties the colon and would improve the hydration status of the patient.

What about possible electrolyte depletion in the colon?
When the body is properly nourished with good quality organic foods containing sodium, potassium and magnesium, the electrolyte level of the colon is replenished as part of the diet.

Will the intestinal flora be disturbed by Colon Hydrotherapy?
The large intestine is producing bacteria on a daily basis and adherence to proper nutrition will enhance the colon's ability to maintain balance following colon hydrotherapy. The physician may elect to prescribe lacto acidophilus/bacillus culture to facilitate this process or incorporate low fat dairy products (yogurt, etc.) into the patient's dietary program.

What about possible contamination?
Following a colon hydrotherapy treatment, the instrument is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. A potent germicidal solution is used to properly disinfect the instrument and its contents are not harmful to the colon environment. When the disinfecting procedure is completed, the instrument is generously cleaned with water to flush the germicidal solution completely from the colon hydrotherapy instrument.

What about possible perforation of the colon?
Modern instruments can introduce a minimal starting pressure of 1/8 - 1/4 psi, which produces one pint of water per minute flow. The treatment, then, can be performed effectively, below the 1 psi setting (in contrast to a standard hospital enema, which starts as 2 psi and increases another psi per foot of elevation.

Colon Hydrotherapy as a preparation method?
Colon hydrotherapy offers valuable application as a preparation method for diagnostic study of the large intestine. The superior preparation would provide an optimal study (x-ray, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy) and allow for a more accurate diagnosis. The procedure would minimize the incidence of improperly prepared patients and the need for repeat studies, which represents a significant cost factor, as well as in the case of Barium Enema, additional radiation exposure to the patient.

Over $400 million is spent annually on laxatives in the U.S.

Patient discomfort resulting from retained barium could be avoided utilizing colon hydrotherapy cleansing of the barium solution. Following the x-ray study, colon hydrotherapy would eliminate the problem of residual opaque material in subsequent upper GI series of plain film studies.

Finally, improved quality of the preparation preceding barium implantation may decrease the risk of perforation at the time of administration. In the specialty of gastroenterology, colon hydrotherapy would provide optimal preparation for sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy and maximize the physician's timetable.

Colon hydrotherapy would also function as a valuable preparation for gastrointestinal surgery. This colon cleansing system would provide a more optimal surgical field and potentially decrease the risk of postoperative complications.

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