Using colon hydrotherapy and natural remedies to relieve constipation better than laxatives.

No one wants to talk about "It" but chances are — if you're in a room full of people — more than half will experience some degree of constipation.

While they may not feel the obvious, discomforting signs of constipation... many will not have a good, normal bowel movement in days, or even weeks.

The two basic types of constipation are — organic and functional.

Organic constipation is a result of some physical change, obstruction, or distortion in your colon. One of the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation is that these distortions and obstructions may be removed.

Functional constipation can result from:

  • Not following a proper diet.

  • Not drinking enough water daily.

  • Not having a balanced emotional health.

  • And not having a good lifestyle...

A sedentary lifestyle can be a leading contributor to chronic constipation. While a good, active lifestyle, promotes proper movement of digested foods through the intestines and colon.

Whether or not you suffer from organic, or functional constipation... Constipation is a condition where the fecal matter traveling through your colon, remains too long in your colon before exiting the rectum. Constipation is a symptom, not a disease.

Constipation is a condition warning you that your colon is not working properly, or that you may have an undiagnosed gastrointestinal disease.

You may be constipated because of recent changes in your diet and lifestyle. These changes can cause an imbalance in your body. Constipation is a symptom that many people try to ignore — because they're too busy — or attempt to get rid of, by using unnatural and potentially dangerous, over-the-counter laxatives.

Drugstore chemical laxatives should be avoided when you have constipation. They can become habit-forming, damage your colon and cause serious side effects if used too long. Sometimes these laxative drugs actually create or exacerbate, the very problem you're trying relieve — constipation.

To keep your body in chemical balance, it is important to only use natural remedies for constipation. Natural remedies, including certain herbs and foods, can give your colon the nutrients it needs to rebuild and reactivate natural peristaltic action.

As you use colon cleanser natural remedies, keep in mind that one particular remedy may not work the same for you, as it does for someone else. You may have to try a different remedy, or increase the dosage, before you find the perfect colon cleansing combination that works best for you.

Experiment to find out which colon cleanse remedy works best for you.

There are many different natural remedies to choose from... But, keep in mind that most remedies should only be used for a short time. Depending on your current colon health — and the severity of constipation you are experiencing — you may only need to take a natural colon cleanser 1-3 times per day for a week. Others may use a low dose maintenance program to prevent the constipation conditions from returning.

And if your really want to see dramatic improvements in your colon function, consider using the services of a colon hydrotherapist together in combination with a powerful all natural colon cleansing product.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Cleansers?

Frequently we are asked, “Do you use a colon cleanser to prepare for colon therapy, to relieve constipation or to maintain good colon health?”

The answer is . . . Yes!

Having tried many different colon cleanse products over the years, we found the effectiveness of each varied greatly. The success of any colon cleanse is dependent on your pre-existing colon health and the amount of water you drink on a daily basis... But for the majority there are very good reasons for using natural colon cleansers!

For more information on excellent colon cleansers that work for the majority of our clientele... Take a look at the colon cleansing products we feature in the HealthShop.

And learn all the benefits of colonic irrigation using Colon Hydrotherapy and why maintaining good colon health could be the smartest thing you do to stay healthy...